Serge A. McCabe Verriele

Born in Northern France in the seaside town of Malo-les-Bains, Serge was influenced by his grandmother’s love of life, music and cooking, and by his grandfather’s passion for gardening, motorcycles and automobiles. Growing up there, in the midst of devastation left by World War II, the history, landscape and people helped shape what would become a diverse career in photography.

That photography career began in the U.S. Army, followed by work in the Nevada National Guard Public Information Office. After military service, Serge earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and a Master of Science from Brooks Institute of Photography.

Throughout his photography career, he has been chief photographer for University of Nevada at Las Vegas, in-house photographer at Cooper Burch & Howell Advertising and art director at Brooks Institute. In journalism, he has worked as a photographer for the Associated Press, The Seattle Times and The Santa Barbara News Press; as photo director for The St. Paul Pioneer Press; and at The Oregonian, as chief photographer for the newspaper’s magazine, Homes & Gardens of the Northwest, and as director of photography.

When asked what kind of photography he does, Serge typically answers:
“I capture everything from aerials to underwater.” He has photographed subjects from the worlds of science, medicine and industry, from sports, motor sports, fashion, travel, architecture, landscaping and nature. His images have been published in newspapers, magazines and books, and used for album/CD jackets, multimedia presentations and more.

Through it all, he never lost his passion for fine-art photography and he continues to show in galleries, restaurants and elsewhere.

Serge’s philosophy: “Photography is my passion. It gives me the opportunity to experience the world’s wonders and to share them with others. Whatever the assignment – for a client or for myself – I approach it the same: with an open mind and eyes looking for the essence, the moment when I feel the image. It’s no more complicated than that. Images speak for themselves.”

I welcome your questions and hope that you enjoy perusing my website.